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2018: A Year To Be Thankful

At the end of each year, I love to reflect on how much God blesses me. This year, however, he surpassed all that I asked for.

January 2018 started off on a good note. I competed in the National Trial Competition in New Orleans, LA. Along with my three teammates, we beat schools from all across the country (including UC Hastings and Harvard Law).

February 2018 not only did I host an amazing event as the Law Review Editor-in-Chief, but I got to do so as the first Black Editor-in-Chief. I think I was most excited about the idea that I was able to bring awareness to issues facing people of color, in our Voice of the Voiceless Volume.

March 2018 I hit my 3 year mark in my vegan journey. At that point, I lost 30 pounds and for the first time in my life I became motivated to become a healthier me.

April 2018 a lifelong dream came true for me, as I joined the illustrious sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

May 2018 I graduated Magna Cum Laude from law school.

June 2018 I pushed myself in the gym like never before. I was consistent in my vegan journey and just as consistent with my squats lol.

July 2018 I sat for the Florida Bar Exam and endured the most intense mental battle, yet.

August 2018 I took a 2-week vacation and traveled all over Europe. I explored ancient ruins, walked up mountain tops, and even took a nap in Garden, while in Paris.

September 2018 I celebrated my 27th birthday and learned that I had also passed the Florida Bar Exam, becoming the first attorney in my family.

October 2018 I got hired at an amazing law firm, doing exactly what I want to do!

November 2018 I took a leap of faith and started my lifestyle blog. I never imagined that I’d receive so much support!

December 2018 I celebrated 3 years of marriage with my amazing husband. Oh, and he found me my dream car.

I can’t forget, I also found out that I was selected at a Gator Great to be honored by the South Florida UF ABA in February. So next year is already looking up!

This year was amazing. I accomplished so much in my life. However, my thankfulness surpasses all the accolades. What I’m most grateful for is the mental, spiritual, and physical growth in my life; the new relationships I’ve formed and the old ones that I’ve strengthened. I’ve made a conscious effort to live life authentically and accept the flaws that so perfectly make me imperfect. I’m far from where I would want to be, but the blessings God has given me this year is more than what even I dreamed. So I’m walking into 2019 with a spirit of expectancy, and a heart full of faith. I’m expecting God to provide even more, not because I’m deserving, but because His love is unconditional.

Here’s to breaking down more barriers and seeing all that life has in store in 2019!

Chanae Wood is an Attorney, MUA, and Lifestyle Blogger ( Mrs. Wood's blog covers everything from love, relationships, health, law, and style/beauty.

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