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Abroad: Greetings from Shanghai


Ni Hao!

My name is Janeeka Raymond and I am the Executive Director for the D.E.B.S Foundation. This summer I decided to spend 2 months in the beautiful city of Shanghai located in China! I have successfully survived a full month! It is crazy how you do not grasp the full experience of a location until you live there for an extended time. I am a senior at the University of Central Florida and they offer Study Abroad programs for students of all majors can participate in. I decided with my last summer of my undergrad career I wanted to use my summer to participate in Finance internship located in Shanghai. I quickly learned how different business is conducted here than in the United States. China focuses more on relationships and trusting others before handling any business ventures.

This experience has definitely taught me a lot about China and myself. The constant states and asking to get photos taken with me has definitely become a normality in my life. The people are fascinated by foreign so they cannot help but stare. The best parts of Shanghai scenic views with it's large buildings and architecture. The city is the prettiest at night when all the lights are lit up and it becomes breath taking. The food has definitely become an adjustment as well. I was surprised by how much western food is cooked but it comes in handy when I want food from home. As I continue to explore there is so much more to report and see!

Bye for now!

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