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  • Neumiah Massenat

Welcome to College!

Ever wonder what college is like? It’s full of ups and downs, lefts and rights, twists and turns, and old and new experiences. What’s the craziest thing about it all, is that I’ve only been at college for a little over a month and there is a lot I can say about this new chapter in my life. My name is Neumiah Massenat and I currently attend Florida International University with a major in Chemistry. Earlier this year when I got accepted to my school, I did not know what to expect. Everyone always made college seem like a portion of life that is very distant. Now that college has finally arrived, it has exposed me to many opportunities and activities around campus.

College Life is very busy and if it is not properly scheduled it can become overbearing. From setting class schedules to campus clubs and events, it is easy to get lost and fall behind. Although I am technically a Junior, since I obtained my High School Diploma and Associate of Arts, I was still able to participate in all of the Freshman/First-Year events. There were many clubs and events that I became interested in, but for my first fall semester at FIU I decided that it would be best to focus on my classes and keep up my grades before entering into any activities.

Currently, I am taking only math and science courses which can tend to get hefty. Many of the mistakes I have made this semester will help to better myself for future semesters. One of my mistakes was picking my classes late, which led to probably the most bizarre schedule ever. I learned that sometimes it is okay to make mistakes, just learn from them to become the great student I want to be. I also learned that it is essential to pick and study a topic that I am passionate about since school is not free. During my first semester at FIU, I had to pay out of pocket for my classes and if it was not for the D.E.B.S. Scholarship, which I had the privilege of gaining, I would have been in debt. Financial stability is quite important for a college student to be successful.

Additionally, networking is the key to success in college. The saying “it’s not about what you know, its about who you know” is completely true. Most of the time I spend on campus or in class is connecting with my classmates. There are many group projects and team work sessions, even some of the students who have previously passed the course currently teach as professors. You never know where someone you met in college might end up in the future and that individual may eventually be an asset to you. College has so much to offer, and here are some tips to manage it all:

  • Attend a college that best fits you

  • Apply for scholarships, even after you have become a student of your institution

  • Study your passion, but it’s okay to explore other courses

  • Pick classes early and try to keep track of courses by meeting up with your advisor at least once a semester

  • Set goals starting now to accomplish each semester and prioritize important tasks

  • Punctuality and time management are essential

  • Be financially stable and adopt proper budgeting techniques

  • Maximize campus resource usage

  • Get involved and network!

I use these tips in my academic life and they can be useful for any soon-to-be or current college student to obtain academic success. College is a place to further your education, develop your personality and have fun! So, make sure to take advantage of every opportunity and enjoy the college experience.

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