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Q&A With Motivational Speaker Britney Marie Harris

Britney Marie Harris is a successful Professor, Entrepreneur and International Keynote Speaker, dedicated to helping millennials overcome their fears to fulfill their purpose. As a respected and passionate authority on self-empowerment, she seeks to help others identify and conquer self-limiting beliefs, while being courageous. Britney knows all too well about courage. In the fall of 2013 she moved to China, alone, for a one year Mission trip. As a result of that transformation, Britney founded BMpowered: created to empower, encourage and equip individuals to become Fearless and FREE. For over six years, Britney’s authentic and transparent approach has helped young women and men, teens and college students gain confidence to live BODLY.

D.E.B.S.: What prompted you to pursue a career as a motivational speaker and professor?

Britney Harris: I’ve always enjoyed the art of public speaking but it wasn’t until I went to a speaker training that I realized my words have the power to change lives. I love uplifting and inspiring others. I love to show them they are capable of anything. I have a passion for serving and teaching young adults so becoming a professor was always in my plan. There were so many lessons that college did not prepare me for. I want to change the cycle with my students.

D.E.B.S.: What prompted you to throw Action Board parties? Why do you call them Action Boards instead of Vision boards?

Britney Harris: Through my speaking, I’ve learned that most of us know what we want and why we want it but we don’t always know HOW to get it. I created Action Board Parties to assist others in creating their personal plan of action in addition to identifying their goals. I call it an Action Board because the focus is primarily on the planning, the strategy and the action, rather than visualization. We can dream big all day, but if our work doesn’t match our wants, its not effective.

D.E.B.S.: What and who inspires you in your speaking?

Britney Harris: My desire to serve and the response I receive inspires me daily. To have women and men tell me that I’ve helped them in some capacity is humbling and fulfilling. My only goal is to make an impact and to know I have keeps me pushing. The person who inspires me is my Forever First Lady, Michelle Obama. She is a class act, possesses such eloquence and makes it plain. She speaks with and to us, not at us. She’s relatable, she’s encouraging and she embodies everything I aspire to become.

D.E.B.S.: What one word best sums up you and your vision for 2019?

Britney Harris: SERVICE.

D.E.B.S.: If you could give the 18 year old Britney advice, what would it be?

Britney Harris: You’re powerful, you’re a gem and you’re MORE than enough. Your worth is not tied to how you’re treated, or how you’re received, but in who you are and who you serve. Keep pushing, Britt.

To connect with Britney, contact To sign up for her 2019 Action Board Workshop, click here.

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