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  • Britney Marie Harris

Turning Dreams Into Reality In 2017

2017. New year, new you! Is it really? Or does it only sound good? As an avid believer in fresh starts, I support the New Year rhetoric. I also support the hard work needed to achieve a brand new you. However, If we’re not careful, we’ll get caught up in talking about our desires but putting little action behind them. What exactly does it take to ensure a successful year? How can we execute and make this year our best one yet? I’ve identified three, simple steps that, if done right, will change your life.

1. Identify your WHAT.

Gain Clarity. What does a great year look like? What does “better” mean? How will this year be different from last? Does it need to be? In what areas? To set your intentions for the New Year, you must be clear on them. Your WHAT matters. Saying “I just want to grow” is not good enough. “I want to lose weight” is not specific enough. Is growth partaking in more community service for the year? How many pounds are you going to lose? Imagine asking someone to guide you to the grocery store. They tell you “get in your car, drive, drive, turn, drive some more, stop, turn again then it’s there.” If you value your time (and gas) you’ll ask pertinent questions. What’s the address? Turn where? Drive for how long? Stop when? Is the store on the left or the right? DIRECTION MATTERS.

You have to know what you are in search of to find it. You cannot aim for a target that you don’t know exists. Direction keeps you from going too far, stopping too short and hitting dead ins, especially with your goals. Write a list of short and long-term goals you hope to accomplish this year. Organize them by quarter (Jan-March, April-june, etc) and be as specific as possible. Include dates, include collaborations in mind, blogs you will write, cities you will travel to, jobs you will apply for, and idea’s you will pitch. This is now your blueprint. Remember that your “what” can change and probably will as you continue to grow; but having a basic understanding of the renovations needed in your life is the first and most important step towards a better YOU.

2. Determine your HOW?

After you discover your WHAT start to think about your HOW. How will you execute the goals you listed above? How will you see your vision through? My suggestion? Start small.

You do not have to buy a house today. Perhaps saving would be helpful for now. You do not have to save $100K per month, either. $100 may be more feasible. This is especially important with fitness goals. Walking/jogging for 30minutes, 3x per week may be a better option than starting with cross fit. “But I want to jump right in,” “this is taking too long.” I get it.. However, swiftness and ambition are not directly correlated. It’s not about how quickly, but how effectively you get the job done. As an entrepreneur and public speaker, I did not wake up one day and have an international speaking gig. What I did have was Facebook videos that people liked and shared. I had an inspirational quote as my status for four years before I ever saw a stage. Little achievable goals will lead you onto bigger fulfilled visions.

After you set your intentions, commit to one small actionable step each day. That could simply be research, writing, studying for a test or practicing for thirty minutes. It is in your “how” stage where the seeds you planted will require watering.

3. Remember your WHY.

Congratulations! You figured out what you want and how you will achieve it. How will you remain consistent? What will keep you from reverting back to old habits? Your WHY. Why do you want what you want? It’s an overly simplistic question that we often struggle to answer. Does your what make you happy? Are you dissatisfied with where you are? Are you tired of being broke? Has your bad attitude cost you good relationships? Do you want to work hard to help your family? Are you seeking status ? fame? Power? Is it for religious purposes? What are your reasons?

Your commitment and passion are aligned. There is great difficulty in accomplishing something that has been founded on nothing. If you cannot identify and articulate your intentions, you will be in the 92% of people who do not accomplish their New year goals (Forbes).

When life gets tough, your why will keep you afloat. When you’re tired and want to give up, your why will serve as your reminder and biggest cheerleader.

For every goal you have write down your why and the feelings associated with it. When your dreams seem impossible and when you’re having a bad day, meditate on your why(s).

Britney Marie Harris is a successful Entrepreneur and International Keynote Speaker, dedicated to helping millennials overcome their fears to fulfill their purpose. As a respected and passionate authority on self-empowerment, she seeks to help others identify and conquer self-limiting beliefs, while being courageous. Britney knows all too well about courage. In the fall of 2013 she moved to China, alone, for a one year Mission trip. As a result of that transformation, Britney founded BMpowered: created to empower, encourage and equip individuals to become Fearless and FREE. For over five years, Britney’s authentic and transparent approach has helped young women and men, teens and college students gain confidence to live BODLY. To connect with Britney, contact

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