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Setting New Goals


By: Katherine Alvarado

Like many of us, I cannot believe it is the start of a new year 2015. Where did 2014 go? As I reflect into the past year, I start to question if I accomplished all of the goals I set for myself in 2014. Similar to me, some individuals contemplate their success in achieving what they set their minds to while others realize that the year ended before they even finished setting goals.

Setting goals and accomplishing them are important to every individual even myself. It allows us the freedom of knowing exactly what it is we want from life and it helps us find our purpose. See setting goals are simple and do not take up much of our time. We can set goals in a diner, before we go to bed, or even in the shower. All that you really need to set goals is a different mindset. A mindset that is ready to achieve the impossible and ready to fight for what it is you want from life. I set my yearly goals just like that. I sit in my living room alone with a notepad and I write down everything I see myself achieving in the New Year. For example, my biggest goal for 2015 is transferring into the law school of my dreams, Albany Law. This goal is on the top of my list of goals in 2015.

Just like me, your goal can be getting into college, law school, graduate school or maybe even travelling to Europe. Whatever your goal or goals are, you always have to have them in mind. And you always have to remember that you can accomplish them no matter what anyone tells you. See that’s the magic of life, everything is possible as long as you see yourself doing it and you tell yourself you can do it. So remember, take at least twenty minutes out of a day in 2015 and set those goals HIGH! Higher than the sky and set them to exactly what it is you want from life. Happy New Year! Allow 2015 to bring you happiness and peace.

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