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The Everyday Thoughts of a College Student


College the mythical beast that is the embodiment of a senior’s fantasy is nothing like you picture it. I always thought college was partying at night and school during the day. But, there is so much more to it. Entering college is like jumping into a sea of choices. You wake up when you want, you eat what you want, and you do what you want. However, there is always an effect for those choices. You either get fat, poor, or fail, or a combination of all those three things. So after one month of college I realize that, college life is a mixture struggles and treasures.

First of all, how does fifty dollars equate to three days of meals? Like what? I’m always taken aback like “Dah Hell?” I’m pretty sure I could’ve survived for weeks with a fifty, not days. Second of all, when I schedule my classes I did not realize how difficult an 8 am would be. After an all-nighter of “studying” and talking to friends, it seems I wake up at 12pm and have to force myself to move for my 8 am. Really? It’s like high school all over again times three thousand. Finally, what do I have to do to get my parents to send me more money? And food? And some clothes?

Even though I think that most of the times you realize that college is the greatest moment of your life. You meet the coolest people ever; people you jut know you will be friends with for the rest of your life. You learn things that you are actually interested in like “I am actually taking NOTES” interested in. You will also meet awesome professors, who will teach you everything as long as you just ask (or crash at their office until they want to see you). The best thing is the amount of free opportunities you have for everything: Free food here, free shirts there, and free stuff everywhere.

All in all, college is as exciting is to interesting as boring is to annoying. It is one of the best experiences I am having. (So far!) I just know that it was the best decisions I have made. I hope whoever is reading this does go the distance and go to college, because I feel like everyone should experience this amazing place (HowardU of course!). College is an unknown fantasy world where you make or break who you are. Never let anyone stop you from doing what you dream of doing!

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